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Through the support of the state and community, we are able to make a profound impact on Hillsborough County’s youngest citizens.

What we do for our children during their first five years determines how successful they’ll be in school, at work and as members of this community.

JULY 2020 - JUNE 2021

Children served in School Readiness
Children served in VPK

Retaining high quality teachers improves children’s development; better understanding their compensation, benefits and retention will enhance ELCHC’s support.



Number of early learning teachers who received financial support through ELCHC’s INCENTIVE$ program in 2019-20 – just 8% of the estimated 7,000 early learning teachers in Hillsborough County


Financial aid awarded to early learning teachers in 2019-20


Teacher Education And Compensation Helps*

Teachers with active scholarships
Cool Number
Laptops given directly to scholars

*T.E.A.C.H. is a Children’s Forum program that provides scholarships to eligible teachers to work toward earning a degree or national certification in early childhood education.

Their Futures are Invaluable

Thousands of little miracles are born into poverty every day and aren’t given the opportunities to succeed. If we invest in programs that promote learning beginning at birth, the statistics will change, the stories will change, and the future will change.

How You Can Help

Families & Community Members

  • Spread the message that learning begins at birth.

  • Talk, read and interact with your child daily to support brain development.

  • Contact your lawmakers to urge their support for legislation that promotes early learning for children, families and teachers.

Businesses & Foundations

  • Support family-friendly policies for employees with children, and champion early learning within your organization.

  • Join community partnerships and initiatives that promote early childhood education.

  • Provide funding to open access to child care and early learning for families that struggle to afford it so they can become financially stable.

  • Fund INCENTIVE$ to improve the quality of small businesses focused on early learning.

Policymakers & Systems Partners

  • Continue to invest in high-quality, early learning and child care for working families.

  • Increase support for VPK, School Readiness and public-school based early childhood education.

  • Support better compensation and benefits for early learning teachers.