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You play a vital role in children’s development and early learning as a child care provider. This page was created to connect child care centers like yours with resources that support your program.

VPK Resources

School Readiness Resources

Useful Downloads

CCR&R Parent Packet – English

CCR&R Parent Packet – Español

ELC - SR - Redetermination Documents Checklist – English

ELC - SR - Redetermination Documents Checklist – Español

ELC- VPK Residential Eligibility – English

ELC- VPK Residential Eligibility – Español

ELC-SR Self-Employment Verification – English

ELC-SR Self-Employment Verification – Español

ELC-SR-Affidavit of Residency – English

ELC-SR-Affidavit of Residency – Español

ELC-SR-Child Support Verification – English

ELC-SR-Child Support Verification – Español

ELC-SR-Client Request for Suspension of Child Care Services – English

ELC-SR-Client Request for Suspension of Child Care Services – Español

ELC-SR-Eligibility Checklist – English

ELC-SR-Eligibility Checklist – Español

ELC-SR-Exemption from Work Requirements Due to Disability

ELC-SR-Provider Transfer Request Form – English

ELC-SR-Provider Transfer Request Form – Español

ELC-SR-Request to Change Status – English

ELC-SR-Request to Change Status – Español

ELC-SR-School Readiness Application – English

ELC-SR-School Readiness Application – Español

ELC-SR-School Readiness Terms & Conditions

ELC-SR-School Verification Form – English

ELC-SR-School Verification Form – Español

ELC-SR-Second Provider Request Form – English

ELC-SR-Second Provider Request Form – Español

ELC-SR-Verification of Employment – English

ELC-SR-Verification of Employment – Español

ELC-SR-Verification of Employment Schedule – English

ELC-SR-Verification of Employment Schedule – Español

ELC-SR-Verification of Loss of Income – English

ELC-SR-Rilya Wilson Act Flyer

ELC-SR-Verification of Loss of Income – Español

ELC-VPK Affidavit of Residency – English

ELC-VPK Affidavit of Residency – Español

Manual para padres sobre el Prekindergarten Voluntario VPK

OEL-SR 100 Income Worksheet for Eligibility and Parent Copayments

OEL-VPK 03L Long Attendance Verification

OEL-VPK 03S Short Attendance Verification

OEL-VPK 06 Parent Guide – English

OEL-VPK 06 Parent Guide – Español

OEL-VPK 07 Parent Handbook – English

OEL-VPK 07 Parent Handbook – Español

OEL-VPK- How to Apply for Specialized Instructional Services (SIS)

Sign In / Out Sheet For Families 3.2022 – English

Sign In / Out Sheet For Families 3.2022 – Español

VPK Child Attendance & Parental Choice Certificate

Behavior Support Services Flyer - English & Spanish