Report An Absent Child

How can reporting absences benefit our kids?

This requirement for all School Readiness Providers to report absences is in place to improve the safety and well-being of children from birth through school entry age. Report a child’s absence by completing the Absence Reporting Form below.

Providers should use this form for the following purposes:

  • To report an absence of a School Readiness child that has been absent for five (5) consecutive days with no contact/communication from the parent. 
  • To report a total of ten (10) unexplained absences of a School Readiness child in a calendar month. 
  • To report the first unexcused absence or seven consecutive excused absences of a School Readiness child that is considered ‘at-risk’ (BG1) no later than close of business (COB) the day of the absence.

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Report absences of “At Risk” children by contacting: Children's Network of Hillsborough at 813-597-8378

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At-Risk BG-1 Children Absences: A child from birth to the age of school entry, who is under court-ordered protective supervision or in out-of home care and is enrolled in an early education or child care program must attend the program 5 days a week unless the court grants an exception. (Pursuant to s. 39.604, Florida Statutes)