Financial Assistance

You shouldn’t have to decide between affordability and quality.

As a parent, finding a high-quality childcare provider for your child can be difficult. Affording a high-quality childcare provider can make that process even harder. The School Readiness (SR) program can help with the cost of childcare through a partial scholarship that will pay for a portion of the childcare cost. These partial scholarships are based on the family’s income, Individual Education Plans (3-5 years old’s only), risk factors, and if the parent is furthering their education. Check below to see if you may qualify.

School Readiness Fee Scale

The easiest way to check for qualification is to use our handy qualification calculator, but you can also reference the fee scale below.

Number of Persons in Family Maximum Annual Gross Income to Enter School Readiness Maximum Annual Gross Income to Enter SR 150+ Cutoff Annual Gross Income to Stay in School Readiness
2 $26,130 $34,840 $44,678
3 $32,940 $43,920 $55,191
4 $39,750 $53,000 $65,703
5 $46,560 $62,080 $76,216
6 $53,370 $71,160 $86,728
7 $60,180 $80,240 $88,699
8 $66,990 $89,320 $90,671
9 $73,800 $92,642 $92,642
10 $80,610 $94,613 $94,613

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What documents will I need to provide in order to confirm eligibility?

If you have determined that you are eligible for School Readiness using our qualification calculator or the fee scale above, you’ll need to provide some additional information. Need more information about specific documents needed? Click below for our Eligibility Checklist.

Don’t Forget to Sign Your Child In and Out Every Day!

This is required to participate in School Readiness.

Renewing Your School Readiness

You will receive notice 45 days prior to your certificate end date notifying you to upload your most recent proof of income, school schedule, child’s Individual Education Plan, or At-Risk referral. Click here for a complete list of items you need during your re-determination. Any changes to household size, address, employment, school schedule, or income must be reported to the Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County within ten calendar days.

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