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Child Care Resources For Your Employees

Support your employees by being champions of early childhood education.

Supporting early learning not only creates brighter futures for local children and families; it’s good for your bottom line.

Investing in early learning strengthens your workforce and internal culture by improving parents; ability to work and earn more -reducing missed workdays, increasing productivity and preparing today’s children to be more productive in their careers tomorrow. (James Heckman)

How you can support early learning in the workplace

  • Support family-friendly policies for employees with children.


  • Participate in the School Readiness Match program where every dollar you contribute has the potential to be matched so your employees’ children have access to quality child care.


  • Share the provided ELCHC materials with employees when on-boarding or on an employee intranet.


  • Give your business’s future employees a head start in life and encourage staff to enroll qualifying children in Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindgarten.


  • Give employees our “Find Child Care Link” so they can browse child care providers that fit their family’s needs.


  • Don’t let the cost of child care stand in the way of an employee from not working, refer them to our “Financial Assistance Page.”

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