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Here, you can access various ELCHC publications, documents, forms and online resources. Simply click on the publication or form name to download! All of our publications are in PDF format unless noted.

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2017 Children's Board Family Guide
2nd Provider Request Form
6M-4.620 Health and Safety Checklists and Inspections Draft 5
Affidavit of Good Moral Character
Affidavit of Residency
Approved Staff Development Plan for VPK Providers on Probation
Child Support Verification Form
Client Request for Suspension of Child Services
Disability Verification Form
ELCHC-VPK Form 14 Substitute Tracking Form for Lead Instructor
ELCHC-VPK Form 16 Provider Changes for School Year/Summer
ELCHC-VPK Form 17 Multiple Curriculums
ELCHC-VPK Provider Checklist for Application Changes
Florida Early Learning & Development Standards for Four-Year-Olds (2011)
Instructions for Forms OEL-VPK 10, 11A & 11B
Manual para padres sobre el Prekindergarten Voluntario VPK
OEL- SR- 6202 HS Handbook Facilities
OEL- SR-6208 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Requirements
OEL-SR 100 Income Worksheet for Eligibility and Parent Copayments
OEL-SR 20FFN Informal Provider Responsibilities
OEL-SR 20L Licensed Provider Responsibilities
OEL-SR 20LE Licensed Exempt Provider Responsibilities
OEL-SR 20M Contract Monitoring Tool
OEL-SR 24 Parent Option to Decline Child Screening
OEL-SR 30 Florida Early Learning and Development Standards
OEL-SR-6201 HS Checklist Facilities
OEL-SR-6203 HS Checklist Public and Nonpublic Schools
OEL-SR-6205 HS Checklist FCCH Informals
OEL-SR-6206 HS Handbook FCCH Informals
OEL-SR-6207 In-service Training Record
OEL-VPK 01S SIS Supplemental Application
OEL-VPK 02S Part A Certificate of Eligibility
OEL-VPK 02S Part B Schedule of Services
OEL-VPK 03L Long Attendance Verification
OEL-VPK 03S Short Attendance Verification
OEL-VPK 05B Good Cause Exemption Application
OEL-VPK 06 Parent Guide
OEL-VPK 07 Parent Handbook
OEL-VPK 10 Statewide Provider Registration Application
OEL-VPK 11A Class Registration Application - Instructors
OEL-VPK 11A Curriculum Code List
OEL-VPK 11B Class Registration Application - Calendars
OEL-VPK 20 Statewide Voluntary Prekindergarten Provider Contract
OEL-VPK 20PP (Private Provider)
OEL-VPK 20PS (Public School)
OEL-VPK 20S SIS Provider Agreement
OEL-VPK 25 Training Requirements: VPK Instructors
Parent/Guardian Request to Add a Child Form
Provider Request for Classroom Closure
Provider Request to Terminate Services
Provider Request to Transfer Child
School Readiness Disclaimer
School Verification Form
SR 200 Activity/Services Code Description Matrix
Statewide School Readiness Provider Contract
Terms and Conditions Form
Verification of Employment
Verification of Employment Schedule
VPK Child Attendance & Parental Choice Certificate
VPK Delayed Enrollment
Whistle Blower Policy

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