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ELCHC Newsletter: Q2 October – December 2023

A Message from the CEO

Hello, and Happy 2024!

I hope your year has already proven to be full of joy and learning! At the ELCHC, the year is off to a tremendous start.

Our team launched several quality initiatives fueled by $33 million from the American Rescue Plan (ARPA) – yes, you read that right! These initiatives include four Family Child Care Homes (FCCH) receiving a mini-makeover, reimbursement for high-quality curriculum purchases, and cranking up support for our families and children with unique abilities. Check out the array of opportunities waiting for early education rockstars like you on our website: Apply for Special Funding and Resources | ARPA Discretionary – The Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County (

And if you think that’s all, think again! Our mission to connect Hillsborough families with top-notch, wallet-friendly child care remains paramount. With housing costs soaring and daily goods playing hard to get, our School Readiness program is the superhero we all need. Guess what? We’re clearing waitlists like it’s nobody’s business, and our team is on a mission to assist as many families as humanly possible. 

Dr. Fred Hicks

But wait, there’s more! As Florida’s Legislative Session kicks off, we’re diving deep into discussions about eligibility reform to ensure more families can access the School Readiness program.

As a reminder, I continue to promote early literacy efforts. How? Read daily to your child, volunteer at a literacy fair, or even donate to the ELCHC for the purchase of high-quality age-appropriate books for children in our community.

So buckle up, 2024 – ELCHC is off to a fast start and committed to continued positive change!

Have You Seen Violet and Theo?

Meet the Team

Learn More About Our Core Programs

Voluntary Prekindergarten Program

Children who participate in early learning programs demonstrate greater readiness for kindergarten compared to those who do not. At the ELCHC, we are committed to making preschool accessible for every family, irrespective of their location or income level. We offer free VPK to every eligible 4-year-old in the county. This program has been proven to equip children with the skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten and elementary school.

The impact of early education provided by the ELCHC is evident in the lives of our families and their children. The King Family’s experience is just one of many testimonies highlighting the positive effects of our school readiness and VPK programs.

School Readiness Program

The ELCHC works to ensure that all of our community’s youngest children grow up to achieve anything they can imagine by providing the best possible early learning experiences and supporting the families and teachers who care for them. 

If you or someone you know is struggling to afford childcare and meet specific income criteria, they may be eligible to receive financial assistance through our School Readiness program. Financial assistance is based on the family’s income, Individual Education Plans (applicable to children aged 3-5 only), risk factors, and whether the parent is furthering their education.

First, I would like to say thank you for all the help you give families. For our family it helped me being able to get a job, make appointments the boys can't go with me to, and run errands without worrying about how to find a way to get the kids after VPK on time. With being in then VPK and School Readiness program I know that my boys are safe with the people I trust. With VPK they can go to a safe place to learn, specifically my kids are doing so much better with their speech and social skills. They are learning their letters and numbers and so much more quickly than I though they were going to be able to because of their speech delay. Knowing that I can have the VPK and School Readiness program and be in the daycare with people I know and trust is amazing and gives me peace of mind knowing that they are safe while they are there. Thank you!

Investing in Your Workforce:
Supporting Employees with Childcare Costs

Unlock a brighter future for Hillsborough County by becoming a catalyst for change in early learning through the School Readiness (SR) program. Your company can play a pivotal role in supporting its employees who are struggling to afford childcare by offering financial assistance for early child education and care.

This isn’t just about contributing—it’s about supporting family-friendly policies for employees with children and ensuring employees are financially self-sufficient and their little ones are set up for success in school.

Dive into the impact of the School Readiness match program, where your participation expands services to employees who might not typically qualify. Your dollars can even be matched, opening doors for your employees’ children to experience a safe, high-quality early learning program. The benefits for your company are profound:

  • strengthening your workforce and internal culture,
  • boosting employees’ earning potential,
  • reducing missed workdays,
  • and ramping up productivity.

Ready to be a driving force for positive change? Click here to explore how your company can participate in the SR Match program or reach out to Community Relations at Let’s build a future where every child and family thrives!


All registrations for IECP learning events and workshops are completed online. Registrations are received on a first-come, first-served basis and seating is limited. An account to our online platform is required for all learning event registrations regardless of cost or type of payment used.


Payment, if required, can be made online at the time of registration.


Registrants have up to 48 hours before a scheduled learning event to cancel. A refund will be made to the online account on file.


The event sponsor reserves the right to cancel a learning event due to low registration. If a session is cancelled, those registered will be contacted by email and notified of the cancellation. A credit will be applied to the online account on file.


You are encouraged to log on virtually or arrive in person 5-10 minutes prior to the start time of your learning event. Participants arriving more than 15 minutes late WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO THE SESSION. Partial in-service credit may be offered, if applicable. Make-up sessions WILL NOT BE OFFERED for any learning event. 


The IECP and ELCHC shall not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability/handicap, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or age in any aspect of a learning event, training workshop or professional development. The ELCHC also reasonably accommodates individuals with disabilities, handicaps and/or religious beliefs.


Any person with a disability/handicap requiring reasonable accommodations should call 813.515.2340 no later than seven business days prior to the scheduled learning event.


The ELCHC strives to protect the privacy of learners that attend our learning events. Because each learner must register through our online learning platform, each record is restricted from public access. Learners can obtain a copy of their certifications as well as their own demographic/contact information provided. For online support, learners may call 813.515.2340 for assistance accessing their records. Learners are required to verify their Identification at all learning events by showing a state or government issued ID with photograph.


Individuals who participate in ELCHC’s learning events have the right to know about the proprietary interest a trainer/ instructor may have in a product or service prior to attending. All trainers/instructors are required to disclose proprietary interest in any produce, instrument, device, service and/or materials discussed at an event training, program, or workshop, as well as the source of any compensation related to the presentation.


Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may be awarded for all learning events three hours or longer in duration. Learning events less than three hours will be awarded in-service hours upon completion. CEUs will be awarded upon successful completion of the learning event. To successfully complete the learning event, learners must arrive on time, attend all required sessions, be an active participant and complete all related assignments and/or surveys as defined by the trainer/instructor. Online training must have an engagement score of 75% or more. For all online training – CAMERAS MUST BE ON – NO EXCEPTIONS. Participant’s names for online training must match the name provided at registration.  Any required assignments or surveys will be outlined in the Training Description on our online platform. Learners are encouraged to contact trainers/ instructors with any questions and/or clarification needed regarding the successful completion of assignments or surveys. In-service hours will be awarded in place of CEUs if the learner does not meet the requirements of successful completion as defined by the instructor/trainer.
* Trainings may be recorded for educational purposes.


To earn an achievement bonus, you must be teaching in Hillsborough County and meet all the requirements of the course, including pre/post assessments, homework assignments, reflection, and LMS instructor evaluation (if applicable). Each individual is limited to four training achievement bonuses per training cycle, and bonuses will not be given for previously completed coursework. Additionally, a W9 form must be submitted, and the address on the form must match the address on your LMS account. If you have any questions, please contact Abbey Landa at


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All learning events/training sessions are designed for adult audiences. We ask that all registrants make the necessary childcare arrangements to meet the minimum requirements for participation in the learning event. Childcare is not available.