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Early Learning

Advocacy efforts for early childhood, education and children’s issues are not tackled by any single agency, entity or organization.

The Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County makes a concerted effort to promote, endorse, participate in, and coordinate advocacy activities with various community organizations wanting to help children and their families.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to become an advocate for local, state, and federal issues impacting children.

Become a Better Advocate

It’s simple to be a better advocate because you care. You’re simply sparking conversations and raising awareness about the importance of early care and education. Don’t be intimidated by the word advocacy – it doesn’t have to be difficult or structured. It can be as simple as talking to friends, family, neighbors and others in your community. By talking about the importance of early childhood education and getting the average citizen (not just politicians) to understand how important it is, there is the possibility for significant change. The tools below will help to get you started in becoming a better advocate for our children.

Contact Your Legislators

Advocacy Tools


Unfortunately, the needs of children are often insufficiently addressed in public policy. That’s why organizations like the ZERO TO THREE Policy Center exist. They have developed a series of outstanding advocacy tools which we share with you below!

Understanding Your State’s Public Policy Process Every state is unique, and when it comes to public policy that statement could not be more true. In order to make the greatest impact on policies affecting babies, toddlers and their families, it is important to know what resources are available to help you navigate your state’s particular public policy process. This advocacy tool provides you with resources to help you develop an understanding of your state and how policy decisions are made there.

How to Plan a Site Visit: Inviting Policymakers to See Your Work with Infants, Toddlers & Their Families One of the most effective ways to be a voice for children is to invite policymakers to experience your work with infants and toddlers for themselves. A site visit gives policymakers the opportunity to connect the decisions they make to the faces of infants, toddlers, and families in their community, and is a great strategy that can create a lasting impression. Use this advocacy tool to help plan and implement a site visit with your local, state and federal policymakers. Your Coalition can help you plan your visit!

More Advocacy Tools

Glossary of Policy & Advocacy Terms: The ABCs and Acronyms of Infant-Toddler Policy In some ways, becoming an advocate means learning a new language — the language of the public policy process. This glossary of policy and advocacy terms, specifically for the infant-toddler field, help you make sense of the terms and acronyms commonly used in the public policy and advocacy arena, so you can be an effective communicator and an effective advocate for infants and toddlers.

Sample Invitation to Member of Congress for Site Visit