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The most significant way we can grow Hillsborough County businesses and our economy is to invest in our youngest residents now.

It might come as a surprise, but 90% of a person’s brain development occurs before age 5. That means by the time a child enters kindergarten, all the brain connections they’ll ever have for skills like problem-solving, communication and motivation are already formed — and much harder to change later in life. (Source: Neuropsychology Review)

Children who are ready for kindergarten (based on tests taken at the beginning of the school year) are more likely to graduate from high school, earn higher incomes, be healthier adults and stay out of the criminal justice system. Imagine Hillsborough County’s potential if all our children started on this trajectory!

But today, only half of the children in Hillsborough County (52%) are ready for kindergarten. 

If we want to ensure a thriving local community and economy, we can and must do better.

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child smiling

Every $25

helps us provide one pre-kindergarten student with an age appropriate backpack and classroom materials.

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Child reading

Every $50

helps us provide a children’s book library to one classroom.

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Every $100

helps us provide compensation to an early education teacher who attends training during their personal time.

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Every $150

helps us provide one child a six-month subscription box delivering at home activities, games and stories.