Family Childcare Home (FCCH) Refresh & Revamp Application

The Family Childcare Home Refresh and Revamp project is a dedicated effort to enhance the safety, aesthetics, and professionalism of family childcare homes in Hillsborough County. Family childcare providers interested in improving their childcare spaces will have the opportunity to apply for a chance to be selected for a mini-makeover. This makeover will be carried out by a team of experienced home improvement professionals. Four family childcare homes will be selected for a mini-makeover.

The primary goal of this project is to create safer, more engaging learning environments for the youngest members of our community, while also establishing a clear separation between the home and business aspects of these childcare facilities. Eligibility requirements will apply forthose interested in participating. By enhancing these vital spaces, we aim to provide a higher standard of care and early learning experiences for children in our community.

If you require technical assistance during the application process, please contact Kelley Minney at

For a list of eligibility requirements, please click here.