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$15 Per Hour Wage Incentive and Application

Happy Start of the VPK Program Year!

As of August 10, 2022, VPK Programs can elect to participate in additional payment for VPK services if the program agrees to pay its VPK employees $15 per hour for all time worked on the VPK program

  • VPK employees includes the VPK Director, and all lead teachers, aides, and substitutes listed on the VPK APP in the DEL Provider Services Portal
  • For participating VPK programs, the Base Student Allocation (BSA) for each VPK child will be increased by $1.14 an hour (or $618 each year)
  • To participate, VPK Programs must:
    • Log into the DEL Provider Services and complete the VPK $15 Hourly Wages Application in which includes an affidavit attesting that to the requirements of the increased payment
    • Ensure that every VPK program employee’s hourly rate is at least $15 per hour for all time worked on VPK within 30 days of receiving the rate increase
    • Keep proper documentation to show all VPK employees were paid the minimum required rate for at least 5 years. This will be subject to auditing by the state and/or coalition.
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