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ELCHC specializes in the funding and delivery of quality early childhood care and education and after-school programs and services to the children and families of Hillsborough County.

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How Can STEM Learning Be Introduced in PreK Classrooms?

August, 2016| The Hechinger Report

Toy building blocks aren’t an unusual sight in a preschool classroom. But teachers aren’t typically using them in a physics lesson about force and gravity with their four-year-olds. That’s largely because teachers aren’t comfortable with introducing young children to science, according to a group of educators committed to helping elementary school teachers become better at teaching STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and math – in the early grades.

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Reducing High School Dropouts Starts In Preschool

August, 2016| United Way

Most schools and organizations start preventing high school dropouts in high school, but this is often too late to make a difference. A high school diploma is almost essential for employment. As a nation, dropouts account for $312 billion in lost wages and taxes. When children have a solid academic foundation before starting school, they are on the right track for school success.

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What’s the Right Age for a Child to Get a Smartphone?

July, 2016| New York Times

NOT long ago, many parents wondered at what age they should give their child full access to the car keys. Nowadays, parents face a trickier question: At what age should a child own a smartphone? The smartphone, after all, is the key to unfettered access to the internet and the many benefits and dangers that come with it. But unlike driving a car, which is legal in some states starting at the age of 16, there is no legal guideline for a parent to determine when a child may be ready for a smartphone.

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Prioritizing Early Education Will Pay Off Many Times Over in the Long Run

July, 2016| U.S. News & World Report

By the time millions of children enter kindergarten in America, they’re already lagging behind. Much has been said about the need to level the playing the field throughout this election season, across both sides of the aisle. But fervor of rhetoric hasn’t always been matched with the same degree of priority, particularly where our nation’s youngest are concerned. A major investment in early childhood education in this country is long overdue.

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What To Do if Your Bestie has a Different Parenting Style Than You

July, 2016| Parents

While friends don’t have to agree all the time, having different parenting philosophies can make it seem like you’re speaking totally different languages. “It can be polarizing when you get along with someone well but your parenting styles clash,” says Andrea Bonior, Ph.D., a psychologist in Washington, D.C.

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3 Disturbing Things Those Violent Social Media News Images Teach Kids

July, 2016| Dr. Michele Borba

Tensions have been high across the country these past days and weeks after a series of separate and deadly police shootings. And then came the targeted execution of police officers in Dallas. After one shooting by a police officer at a routine traffic stop at Falcon Heights, Minnesota, a man’s fiancee streamed his death live via Facebook. Over 5.6 million people since have watched his death and heard his girlfriend’s four-year old daughter sitting in the backseat tell her mother, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.”

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6 Common Big Kid Sleep Problems

July, 2016| Parenting.com

Parents often think kids’ sleep problems are over once their babies slumber through the night, but at least a quarter of school-age children have nighttime troubles, says Gregory Stores, M.D., emeritus professor of developmental neuropsychiatry at Britain’s University of Oxford. It’s more than an issue of parent sanity—when kids don’t get the recommended nine or more hours (depending on their age) of shut-eye, they’re not only tired, they can be cranky, wired, and aggressive.

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Letting Go: Parenting When You’re A Control Freak

July, 2016| ScaryMommy.com

Breakfast time: “I need more milk!” my 6-year-old exclaims. “I can get it!” She says as I instinctively rise from my seat. I slowly sit back down and watch her run into the kitchen with her cup. With all her might she heaves the refrigerator open, knocking over the salad dressing. My grip tightens on the table and my toes curl.

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How To Build A Strong Parent-Teacher Relationship

July, 2016| YummyMummyClub

The relationship between a parent and their child’s teachers is important for that child’s development and fostering a life-long love of learning. It helps children relax when they know the various people they spend all day with are on the same page. Also, you don’t want to be known as a rude, absent or obnoxious parent!

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7 Ways to Parent to Your Child’s Strengths Instead of Weaknesses

July, 2016| PopSugar

Our children are unique just like everyone else — we’re all one in seven billion — so why do we continuously focus on their weaknesses and the things they don’t do as well as other children? Mary Reckmeyer, PhD, author of Strengths Based Parenting and executive director of Gallup’s Donald O. Clifton Child Development Center, believes that it is our job as parents to do our best to help develop our children’s innate talents and natural inclinations so they can succeed and experience a well-lived life.

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