A Quality Improvement Program

Quality Counts!

Hillsborough’s Quality Counts! program was created to provide a consistent way for parents to distinguish the levels of quality in early education programs in Hillsborough County, allowing you to make more informed choices.

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Quality Counts!

As a parent or a caregiver, you want the best for the children in your life.  As the latest research shows, early experiences literally shapes how a child’s brain gets built.  When babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are given a strong foundation the benefits last a lifetime.

So, what does quality look like in an early childhood program? Twenty-five years ago, quality was defined as providing a safe place for children to play with stimulating materials.  While it is still important to provide a safe place to play with stimulating materials, the focus has expanded to include how teachers interact with children, how they use time and materials to support learning throughout the entire day, and how they ensure children are encouraged and motivated to learn.  You could say that the best teachers for your child are skilled brain-builders.

To help early childhood programs become skilled brain-builders, the Coalition has developed Quality Counts!  Programs that choose to participate in Quality Counts! are evaluated using the Classroom Assessment Scoring system (CLASS) which measures the interactions between teachers and children.  These evaluations also serve as a roadmap for improving interactions by defining in detail the interactions that matter most in supporting children’s learning.

Quality Counts! offers early learning programs the tools and professional development supports to improve the quality of teacher-child interactions that lead to social and academic gains.  Although each program participating in Quality Counts! is at a different stage of growth and development, each program is committed to continuously improving the educational experiences they offer children.

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Why Quality Matters

  • Defines standards for early childhood education.
  • Creates a framework of support and outreach for early childhood education professionals.
  • Provides incentives linked to achieving and maintaining quality standards.
  • Acts as a consumer education tool to improve the information that is available to Hillsborough’s families.

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