A Quality Improvement Program

Quality Counts

Hillsborough’s Quality Counts for Kids program was created to provide a consistent way for parents to distinguish the levels of quality in early education programs in Hillsborough County, allowing you to make more informed choices.

To see if your center is participating in this quality improvement program, click the link below.

QCFK Participating Programs

Quality Counts for Kids

Finding and accessing high quality child care can be a challenge for many parents. When selecting something as important as care and early education for your child, you deserve detailed and reliable information so that you can compare one program with another.

Early learning providers who participate in this completely voluntary program are provided with a pathway to continually improve the quality of their services. QCFK awards programs increasing ‘star level’ designations as their quality improves. But star level designations are only the beginning steps of the program’s process. After a program receives a star level designation, they are given tools and resources to improve their quality through mentoring, coaching, training and other assistance.

Participation and the award of continued star level designations reflect a program’s choice to raise the bar regarding their commitment to quality beyond basic licensing standards, expectations, and requirements.  See below for more information.

Advocate for Early Learning

Is Your Childcare as Great as Your Child?
Look for the Stars!

Why Quality Matters

  • Defines standards for early childhood education.
  • Creates a framework of support and outreach for early childhood education professionals.
  • Provides incentives linked to achieving and maintaining quality standards.
  • Acts as a consumer education tool to improve the information that is available to Hillsborough’s families.

About the QCFK Star Level Designation

About Hillsborough early care and education programs: