Benefiting both the employer and the employee to create a better workforce now and in the future!

Keeps Florida working, companies thriving and children learning.

What is the Child Care Executive Partnership (CCEP) Program:

  • CCEP is a public/private partnership program that helps employers meet the needs of a growing segment of their work force – working parents.
  • Contributions from private businesses and others in the community are matched dollar-for-dollar to provide child care services for eligible, lower-income working families.
  • The ELCHC has more than $850,000 in matching funds available for distribution in FY 2019.

How the CCEP Program Works:

  • Employers and others in the community contribute funds to the CCEP program.
  • Federal and state funding is available to match (dollar-for-dollar) those contributions.
  • The ELCHC administers the CCEP program in Hillsborough County and coordinates with coalitions in other counties to meet the needs of employees who select child care providers outside the county.
  • The ELCHC works with employers to establish the program in their organizations and with eligible employees who apply to the program.

Employers & Employees Both Benefit

  • Dollar-for-dollar match of employer contributions offers exceptional return on investment – doubling available funding for employees.
  • CCEP offers financial inducements for employees and can be an effective component of employee incentive programs that can positively impact morale and support employee retention.
  • Employers may be eligible for tax benefits for participating in the CCEP program.

Who should participate?

  • Employers who have eligible employees in need of child care assistance – low to moderate wage-earning or hourly employees whose incomes are directly affected by absenteeism due to child care conflicts. Families whose income is at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level are eligible to participate.
  • All employers (regardless of their employees’ eligibility) and other stakeholders in the community who understand the value and positive impact of the program, and the role that CCEP can play in workforce development and retention in Hillsborough County.

Parents are more productive at work when they are sure that their children are being cared for in a safe, secure child care or educational program.

Why should you care?

    • Child care services decrease employee absences up to 30% and can reduces turnover up to 60%.


    • U.S. companies lose $3 billion annually as a consequence of child care-related absences.


    • Eighty-five percent of employers report that providing child care services improves employee recruitment.


    • Almost two-thirds of employers found that providing child care services reduced turnover.


    • Forty-nine percent of employers reported that child care services helped boost employee productivity.


    • For every $1 invested in high-quality early care and education, our communities save between $4 and $17 in future costs of remedial and special education, the juvenile crime system and welfare support.


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