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VPK-How to Register



Parents/Legal Guardians of eligible four-year-old children MUST complete the Child Application Form (AWI-VPK From 01) AND provide the following items:


A parent/legal guardian may verify the eligible child's age by supplying a copy of any ONE of the following items:

  • Birth record or certificate
  • A valid passport
  • A certificate of arrival in the US showing age
  • A valid military dependent ID card
  • A shot/immunization record indicating the date of birth signed by a public health officer or licensed practicing physician.

    A parent/legal guardian must verify Florida residency by showing a current and correct address, by supplying any ONE of the following items:

  • Florida driver's license (with a CURRENT address)
  • A Florida identification card (with a CURRENT address)
  • Utility bill (must bring in the entire bill dated within the last 60 days)
  • Pay Stub (within the last 60 days)
  • Property tax assessment showing homestead exemption
  • Residential rental agreement (will need signature page) or receipt from rental payment
  • A military order showing the child's parent is a service member in the US Armed Forces and is assigned to duty in Florida when the child attends the VPK program.
  • Parents/legal guardian must register their eligible child with the Early Learning Coalition in the County where the child will attend the VPK program. For example, a child/parent may reside in Pasco County and want to attend a VPK program in Hillsborough County. The parent/legal guardian must register the eligible child with the Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County.

    Parents, you are not required to bring the child with you to register, just the documentation.

    STEP 2

    Parents/legal guardians must take the completed Child application (OEL-VPK Form 01), along with the proof of age and proof of Florida residency to a VPK registration location and meet with a representative of ELCHC. Parents/legal guardians will meet with a VPK staff member who will verify the information. Upon verification of the eligible child's age and state residency, parents/legal guardian will receive a VPK Certificate of Eligibility.

    STEP 3

    Finally, parents/legal guardians must deliver the VPK Certificate of Eligibility (obtained in Step 2) to their chosen approved VPK provider. This will complete the registration process for parents.

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    VPK Approved Providers


    To access a current list of approved VPK providers in your area, click on the link above for the provider search page.

    In the Provider Search window:

    In Step 1:
    If you don't know the name of the provider you want, enter a zip code of the area where you want your child to attend VPK
    In Step 2: Be sure to check the box for Voluntary Prekindergarten or you will get a list of all providers
    In Step 3: Click the SEARCH button

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