Advocate for Tomorrow's Leaders


We work to promote, endorse, and advocate for quality learning opportunities for children, but we can’t do it alone. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a changemaking community member or a civic-minded business, here’s how you can get involved.



  • Families

    • Attend and participate in candidate forums
    • Vote for child-friendly candidates
    • Use your social media influence
    • Support legislation that strengthens child care and families
    Use Your Voice
  • Business

    • Include child care in community infrastructure plans
    • Invite representatives to meetings where infrastructure issues are discussed
    • Invite child care representatives to present at conferences and events
    • Support child care as the necessary support system of a vibrant growing community
    • Get involved in the board, committees, and workforce
    Use Your Leadership
  • Community

    • Participate in community discussions about early childhood initiatives
    • Survey businesses to identify their child care concerns
    • Provide business demographics to child care representatives
    • Organize statewide conferences about early childhood education; uniting business executives, economic developers, and policy makers
    Use Your Influence

Early childhood advocacy is about making changes in the lives of young children and their families and the status of those who work so hard to teach and care for them. It is about convictions and compassion, empowerment and energy, courage and consensus.

- Goffin, S.G. and Lombardi, J., 1988